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Harmony Biosciences


Harmony Biosciences is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Plymouth Meeting, PA. The company was established in October 2017 with a vision to develop and commercialize innovative therapies for people living with rare neurological disorders who have unmet medical needs.


In August 2021, Harmony Biosciences acquired the full development and commercialization rights globally, with the exception of Greater China, of CSTI-100 (now HBS-102), a Melanin Concentrating Hormone Receptor 1 (MCHR1) antagonist. HBS-102, a potential first-in-class molecule with a novel mechanism of action, has the potential to offer a novel approach to the treatment of narcolepsy including the symptoms of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep dysregulation, such as cataplexy, hallucinations, and sleep paralysis.